With 20 years of ministry experience, over 10 years as an ordained pastor, and a master’s in Theological Studies with an emphasis in Pastoral Care & Counseling, I have a passion to help others navigate the smallest of tricky conversations to the most difficult of life’s transition.

Just need a quick chat to process a thought? Really having a difficult time pushing through a dark season? Want to see real sustained life change? Let’s talk. Schedule a video call or just chat over the phone.

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Spiritual Direction Inventory (FREE)

A spiritual direction inventory is a tool that captures a snapshot of our spiritual life at a given time during our spiritual journey. As it is with most things in life, our spiritual well-being involves an active balance. This tool is designed to help us see areas where we might grow and discover where our spiritual development could use more attention. During the various seasons of life, our spiritual direction may shift, and I hope returning to this tool to check the pulse of your spiritual life will be helpful.

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30-Minute Session ($25)

Have a quick question or want to run through a conversation right before a meeting? It’s amazing how even a few minutes of a sounding board, some objective questions and a spiritual reflection can bring clarity and confidence to a dialogue.  

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1.5-Hour Session ($60)

We can all benefit from taking the time to sort and sift through the dynamics running through our mind as we wrestle with our thoughts and emotions. Spiritual direction is a safe space to share our experiences and feelings, explore the different facets of a circumstance and make practical plans for next steps.

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6-Month Journey  
12 1-Hour Sessions ($450)

Life change is hard work. Most of us can start the adventure of change, but we generally, within a month or two, slide right back into old patterns. Real sustained life change is a journey, and consistent spiritual direction provides a voice of encouragement, accountability and guidance.  

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3-Month Enneagram Coaching
12 45-Minute Sessions ($275)

Take a three-month journey to explore the Enneagram.  

  • Gain deeper self-awareness and clarity.
  • Explore and learn to trust your abilities and calling.
  • Recognize self-limiting coping strategies and tendencies.
  • Strengthen your relationship with God and others.
  • Experience transformation and freedom in work, life and play.

There has recently been a surge and hype around the Enneagram. It’s great to see so many people accessing this ancient tool for self-transformation. However, it can become a bit of a “parlor trick” to quote Richard Rohr. Simply hopping online and taking a quiz can risk missing the depth and value of working through the Enneagram. We can be too quick to want to “find our number” and can begin to mislabel others and ourselves. I believe, after journeying through the Enneagram for over five years, the payoff emerges from an exploration over time. 

Using a Biblical approach to the Enneagram, I want to guide you through a process that can help you love yourself and others better. The Enneagram is a tool designed to help you explore the why and how of the ways you maneuver through life. We all have different lenses through which we view the world, but what if we took those lenses off for a moment to learn how they are made and why we are so attached to wearing them? Even further, what could we learn if we tried on the lenses that others use for just a moment?

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