“I truly believe that it’s because we attended Jenn’s ministry that we were taught the importance of valuing people’s opinions and thoughts, and learning to understand the ‘why they think differently than I do’ mentality instead of the more condescending and belittling reactions we can have. Jenn showed us that our differences made us stronger and closer and created an environment to express ourselves where we wouldn’t be judged or outcast.” — James Boyd

”If we approach life as if our partner is for us, how does this change your interaction with your partner? This single thought process adjustment drastically altered the trajectory of my marriage.”  — Marcus Reed


“When I first met Pastor Jenn, I thought to myself, ‘Is she for REAL?’ Really, Real? She is so transparent. No subject is taboo. BUT, her trust in Jesus and the Bible turns any subject into a learning experience. I haven’t come across someone that is so knowledgeable and so likable.” — Gloria Wade


“While many speakers have a niche or focus, Jennifer is able to address a wide range of topics through her research and ministry over the last 20 years. She blends a deep understanding of the Word of God with psychology and sociology. Along with being an incredibly engaging speaker she also thrives in real time interaction with her audience and is able to shift focus on the fly to speak directly to those audience dynamics. She has an amazing blend of insight, humor and empowering content. She is real, transparent, naturally funny and expresses genuine empathy and concern to every group she engages. I know she will be an amazing asset to your team, group or ministry.” — Pastor John McLendon


“Your vulnerability with your own feelings, struggles and shortcomings makes you relatable in a way people are drawn in, they feel they know you but your confidence in your knowledge of scripture, teachings, readings and personal experiences makes you sought after for advice. The combination of those two things makes others genuinely try your advice. It’s really a total package!” — Ashley Spain


“You changed my life with a statement. You showed me gracefully the difference in being a doormat and being my best me.” — Ashley Lyle


“When we found our marriage in trouble, we went to Jennifer for guidance. She listened to our story and helped us so much! She helped us to see how we could get through hard times and have a healthy marriage through seeing God at work in each of our own lives. Without her, we would not have been able to get where we are now.” — Michael and Heather Hackett


“We have been married for 27 years; most of those years we struggled. We carried scars from so much hurt. Jennifer could see where we were struggling. Now, we see ourselves as partners in life who choose each other. This makes all other aspects of life fall in place. Our parenting is better. Our financial decisions are better. We weren’t bad at these things; we just weren’t good at doing them together. She was able to help us see things differently and to become a pair of happy empty-nesters.” — Brad and Judith Epley


“I felt a connection with Jenn the first time I heard her speak. She truly inspires me to be a better Christian, wife, mother and friend. Since working with her, my marriage has become more fulfilled, my relationship with my children has become more meaningful, and I stop and think more about things in my everyday life.” — Amanda Williams