I would love to join you at your next event or gathering!

I have been a part of retreats, panel discussions, podcasts and conferences, and I love engaging with audiences of all sizes. I am available to teach, facilitate discussions or conduct workshops centered around a variety of subjects:

  • Spiritual Development
  • The Impact of Personality
  • Faith Based Leadership
  • Biblical Studies
  • Marriage and Parenting
  • Faith & Work Life
  • Family Systems

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Sermon Segment from GodWhy Church

Discussing the difficulty of living life open vs. how life experiences cause us to “close our fist” to all God would offer. I’m always thankful when God crafts a visual illustration so we can dive deeper into a concept He has woven into our lives. There are so many reasons in life to “close up”, to draw walls or lock doors, but is there more to be gained from vulnerability than safety? It was a blessing to share how God has taught me that the expansiveness of His love for us can translate to a wide-open life, catching all God has to offer through all types of circumstances.

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Conversation with Pastor Adam Harris

What does it look like to become a Christian, quickly become like a Pharisee, then have all your beliefs dismantled leaving you in a process of piecing things back together? Thankful that I’m not alone in that portion of my story. A small clip of a great conversation, Pastor Adam Harris and I are both passionate about seeing our faith and scripture through a studied lens. Both of us having attended the same Divinity School, we reflect on our experiences and how we see academia shaping the future of the church.

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Open in Nashville Event

A quick segment from a great evening sharing in Nashville. Staying present and allowing God to work through any and all things, even the seasons we don’t enjoy … this is the difficult work of faith. Trying to live life open is harder than it seems. When we moved to Austin, I landed with so many things on my mind. As I began to write and sort through my experiences, I realized I wasn’t really living life very open. The opportunity to fly back to Nashville and lead a discussion with a small group about navigating grief, struggle and transition gave me a chance to reflect on a journey to live open regardless of where my feet happen to be planted. So thankful for such a great evening.

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Conversation with Cam Clark on the Enneagram

While it may be a trendy wave within the personality profile community – the Enneagram is a powerful resource for transformation with centuries of use and study. Love getting a chance to discuss one of my favorite tools for spiritual direction. Cameron Clark has been both a student and a teacher of the Enneagram for over 3 years, and I continue to learn from him today. We both love the opportunity to examine not only our own number’s tendencies and traits but explore alongside others as they discover how the Enneagram can transform their understanding of how they engage with the world around them.

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Portion of an Illustration on the Reality of Capacity

Love sharing the stage with Pastor John McLendon – during this excerpt we take an honest look at what happens when we don’t pay attention to all the things we are taking in. Capacity is real thing. In life, as we pour into others – our spouse, our kids, our parents, our co-workers, our friends – all of that investment has to come from somewhere. Being attentive to our Source, making sure we are pouring from a full glass, is a vital part of our spiritual development.

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