“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness.” 2 Peter 3

“I am speed.” Lightning McQueen

God is not in a hurry.

He can move quickly. Things can shift rapidly. And certain nudges from God’s Spirit might prompt us to pick up the pace, but still, I just don’t think God is in a hurry. But we so often are.

Granted, different personalities engage the speed of the day to day differently. I’m envious of the people that seem to be able to glide through life, never hurried or rushed or impatient. I’m jealous of all one of the people I know like that. Most of the people I know are in a hurry. We may not be in a hurry about the same things but still, in a hurry. And I just don’t think God is.

When I pause to consider God’s non-hurried-ness, especially when I pause long enough, I am reminded of this sense of calm and peace, even in the midst of productivity and busyness. I easily find myself slipping out of that type of pace and rhythm and back into my hurry, back into my “gotta get that and that done right now” mode.

Just as I have written so many things and shared so often about our understanding of God’s slowness and our lack of understanding when it comes to our own patience, I think there is equal value in considering God’s speed in terms of rush and hurry. The Lord is not in a hurry, especially the way some understand hurry.

So let me ask: When do you find yourself most rushed and hurried? What parts of your life press on you with urgency, and are you checking in with God about that pace?

God is Not in a Hurry

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