From time to time, I will reference an article or book, maybe a podcast, or an item; just the random stuff that gets me thinking about God and our Spiritual Journey. I want to share those with you.

Things I’ve mentioned this month:



What I’m reading:

Each year, I set reading goals for myself, and while I may not read all the books on my annual list, I’m at least always reading something. Currently, this is what I’m reading over my morning coffee. Let me know if you want to join in and chat about this one.



What or Who I’m listening to:

Richard Rohr  |  Jo SaxtonBrene BrownAndy StanleyThe Sleeping At Last Podcast

Books on my shelf:

Remember when the world decided to “Marie Kondo” everything? I did the same with my bookshelf. So, if a book made the cut, it means it was life changing for me. Here are a few of the books that not only “bring me joy,” as Marie suggests, but they also challenge, inspire and ground me. I would love to hear about the books on your shelf.